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Today, we serve double the number of households we did in 2001. Our staff of 155 works in a space designed for 90 employees. Our new home will have the office space we need.

We hold trainings and workshops to ensure housing stability. We conduct one-on-one meetings to address clients’ particular needs. We hold community gatherings. The new building will provide the necessary space and technology.

As renters, we are limited as to how much we can improve the current office environment. We want to project a warm, welcoming, dignified atmosphere to the people we serve. By purchasing our own space, we can maximize its usefulness and make it feel like home.


Our new transit-oriented home will be easily accessible by walking, driving, or public transportation to 65 percent of the people we serve.

More than half of MBHP’s clientele are elderly or have a household member with a disability. Although our current office meets most basic ADA requirements, we now have the chance to create a space that is designed with people with mobility impairments in mind.

Our new home will be built on a vacant, two-acre parcel that has long blighted and divided the neighborhood. Located across the street from the Roxbury Crossing “T” stop and on major bus routes, the new development will also include 40 affordable apartments and commercial space, solidifying Roxbury Crossing as a viable neighborhood.


When our lease ends in late 2017, our rent will have increased from 400,000 to nearly $800,000. Accounting for rising rates of utilities, parking, and other expenses, the future annual cost of occupying our current location is projected at more than $980,000.

Comparable commercial space downtown is equal to or projected to surpass those costs. The price of renting commercial space in Boston is becoming very prohibitive.

Purchasing our office space makes good financial sense and will provide long-term predictability and stability for MBHP. Securing a permanent home is more cost-effective than continuing to rent.

Building Progress

Ground has been broken, and construction has begun! We are excited about our new office space and how it will better support all of the services we provide to our clients. We anticipate being able to move in and begin operating out of the new space in Fall 2017.

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